‘The biggest challenge we face is not overcoming our circumstances but over coming the battle that wages war in our minds and our hearts. It is here that we win or are defeated by our external circumstances’. Joanne Robinson

Weak But God’s Chosen Anyway!

And Samuel told him ‘Although you may think little of yourself, are you not the leader of the tribes of Israel? The Lord has anointed you King of Israel you are on a mission…….’ 1 Samuel 15:17

Even though Saul was a weak and cowardly man, the Lord still chose him to be the first ruler over Israel. The Lord never looked at Saul in the same way he saw himself. The Lord is not intimidated or worried about our weaknesses for He does not view our frailties in the same way that we do. He is more concerned that we build our trust in Him in spite of our weaknesses and so trust in His ability to be our strength. He knows that when we put our faith in Him anything is possible.

What the Lord doesn’t want us to do is shrink back in fear and intimidation believing that our weaknesses invalidate our service to Him. We may think very little of ourselves, that we are not good enough but God says to us ‘Are you not my chosen one, called to take Authority in my name? Have I not anointed you with the Holy Spirit and sent you on a mission into the world?’ So why are we shrinking back in disobedience listening to the voices of intimidation that wants us to hide who we really are and live our lives shaking in our boots?

Today, God calls you to stand. Do not be intimidated by another person’s success. He has called you to do something special for Him too. Do not believe that you have to settle for any man you can get rather than waiting on God’s man. You have been called to live a godly life.  Do not listen to the voice that tells you, you can’t do anything for through Christ you can do what He calls you to do and be successful at it.

You have so much to offer and so much to give, no longer live with ‘not good enough’. Make your stand for God is able to keep you from falling!