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I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I moved from London to Norfolk and the change has been brilliant for my sense of well being and having that sense of ‘fit’. I’ve made it a goal to visit as many towns and places of interest in Norfolk as I can, which is quite a change for me. I never felt that motivated to make the most of visiting places of interest in London, probably because at heart I am not a city girl, but out here, I can’t wait to jump in my little car, (I have affectionally called ‘Spice’ she’s red and quite a nippy little car) and take to the country roads.

Today, I took a short 30 minute drive to Fakenham, there was not much to see but I found a lovely little hotel coffee shop to take a light lunch break. Seating was tight and I noted a space next to a lady eating alone. I waited to see if she had company and then asked her if I could sit at her table.



Finding joy in being single and having a full and content life and keep you from choosing Mr Wrong. Have fun and stay safe!

It wasn’t long before we got chatting about city and country life and what we both do for a living. That sparked up a lively conversation about being single and how much fun we were having. We were two kindred spirits that had worked past the fear of eating out alone, and not embarrassed by the stares of couples and groups who thought it odd that we could do such a thing.

It got us talking about society’s expectations about women’s roles and perhaps that of single women, or singles in general. Why do people stare at women who venture out and do something alone? Must we always travel in packs, with children or with a partner at ourside?

We had both decided to go out and enjoy a coffee with some good reading material and from that, two strangers had an enjoyable converstation about our contentment and freedom as singles, plus the added bonus to network.

I have not arrived at being single and doing things with such ease overnight. Six years ago, I attempted to dine alone in the busy city centre of Old Street, London and felt so self concious at the stares of was receiving from couples and singles at the bar, I couldn’t wait to leave. Ok, perhaps a few of those were interested guys but I am sure I would not had sparked so much curiosity if I was seated with someone.

God has taught me to embrace life where I find it. Having moved to Norfolk, I am learning to step out, meet new people and make new friends. I am challenged to see what I can do rather than focus on being afraid to be out here by myself away from all that is familiar to me. In doing so, I am learning that I can do a lot more than I thought I could.

I know many women are bored with their life but are afraid to go out, grab life by the ears and get involved in things they love to do and enjoy themselves. Lack of friends or the want to find a husband before they do anything gives them the horrible lonely feeling of emptiness.

Friendships and husbands don’t get delivered by the postman, they come when we start embracing and enjoying life. God asks as to look at what is in our hand today, so what if it is ‘dinner for one’? Enjoy the meal and look at what you can start doing to make your life more whole and enjoyable, good things happen when you are making the most of what you got!

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